Click on your instrument for required excerpts:

Record your Audition:

  1. Whether using a cell phone or video camera, make sure that there is adequate light in the room in which you are recording.
  2. Make sure that you are standing or sitting far enough away from the camera that the judges can see you adequately. The video should clearly record both your left and right arms/hands. Your torso should be visible for accurate assessment of posture and playing position.
  3. Record in a quiet environment so that judges hear you well.
  4. Start the recording by saying: your full name, your instrument, and the name of the orchestra for which you are auditioning (YAO, Philharmonic, Sinfonia, Intermezzo or Prelude).
  5. Record in this order
    1. Scale: say the name of each scale before you play it.
    2. Excerpts: say the name of each excerpt before you play it (play all listed in the requirements).
  6. Please record all of the above in one take (DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE VIDEOS).


  1. All auditions must be submitted to Acceptd. You will receive an email from Acceptd with directions.
  2. Remember, the deadline to submit videos is May 28.


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